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Games By Steven Johnson

Of Playing Games and Reading Books

In an article written by Steven Johnson entitled Games ' he discusses the dynamics that evolve around the concept of games and gaming experience of today 's generation . In the article , there is a compare and contrast of reading a book and playing video games . As he quote the parenting book , Dr . Spock 's Baby and Childcare , he says that there are actually advantages of games such as developed hand and eye coordination in children , though it may only be a possibility . As for reading books , it

is suggested that parents encourage their children to read books and train them to become passionate about reading because it strengthens language skills and this is of high regard in the academic and employment sector (Johnson ,

. 17

An observation was presented from a media scholar and cultural critic Marshall McLuhan which states that the problem with judging new cultural systems on their own terms is that the presence of the recent past inevitably colors your vision of the emerging form , highlighting the flaws and imperfections (Johnson ,

. 18-19 . True enough , it was explained that if games were introduced before books , it can be said that there would be a resistance for books , too

The disadvantages of games were laid out in the course of the article It was said that games are a colossal waste of time (qtd . in Johnson ,

. 17 . People got absorbed in the virtual realm of the game that they tend to forget other things going on around in their real environment . This behavior elicited by those who are engaged in video games are further explained by neuroscience that explained the brain 's activity during the course of playing games and what it does in relation to the person . There was a constant expectation for rewards that keeps the person stuck in the game to continue their search for that renumeration . Also , the games are designed in such a way that the player will keep on holding on to the missions or goals laid out by the game This includes the continuous reminder on the player about the rewards of the game

From my own observations and experience , the habitual playing of video games is based on the interests and lifestyle of a person . It is expected that a child of six or seven years old is not expected to play video games that involved doing Sudoku or algebraic puzzles . Their interests are bound by their intellectual and maturity level . Also playing needs time and I have not seen a CEO of a company get so involved in a game such as Diner Dash 1 . The lifestyle of a person which involved the schedule , would greatly affect how they would react to video games . The same can be said about reading

This observation of mine , for the most part , was not reflected in the article written by author . There was not a clear delineation between the different responses to playing video games and...

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