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GM foods

At the Stand : Genetically Modified Foods

The history of human kind has been punctuated many times by the arrival of new technology . The plow enabled surplus agriculture which allowed the formation of civilizations from nomadic tribes . The invention of writing allowed for the recording of knowledge and history . Gutenberg 's printing press allowed for the mass production of this knowledge and the Internet allowed anyone access to this information anytime , anywhere

In my opinion , humanity is at another such junction wherein a new technology will radically change society . That technology is Genetically

br Modified Foods or GM Foods . GM foods are foods derived from organisms whose genetic makeup has been altered via modern genetic engineering methods . This essentially allows engineers to create super ' crops Genetic engineers can now create crops which are resistant to pests crops which are able to produce up to twice the yield of ordinary crops crops which are more nutritional than ordinary plants . It is in this spirit that I believe that GM foods are an important technology and that we should promote and develop its use and consumption

As previously mentioned , GM foods are better quality foods as ordinary crops . Some of the benefits of GM foods to the consumer include higher nutritional yields , inexpensive and more nutritional food , foods with longer shelf life , as well as food with medicinal benefit (Deakin University , 2006 . One dramatic case for GM foods being better than their non-GM counterparts is the research into engineering a banana which produces an antigen found in the Hepatitis-B virus . If ingested the banana could provide immunity to the Hepatitis-B virus for only a few cents per dose . This is a huge cost improvement especially for those people living in developing countries who may not be able to afford the 100- 200 dollar cost of a Hepatitis-B vaccine (Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry - New Zealand . Cost is not the only third world problem solved by GM foods . Medicines require specialized storage and transport facilities which may be unavailable or simply unaffordable for people in third world countries . Researchers are now studying the development of tomatoes with edible vaccines . These vaccines will not require specialized storage and shipping , only storage which is able to keep the tomato fresh and fit for human consumption . Such plant based pharmaceuticals are cheaper to produce and store and easier to produce in large scales (Daniell , Streatfield , and Wycoff 219-226

GM foods are not only good for the consumer they are also good for the farmer . As a testament to this fact , more and more farmers from around the world are planting GM crops . The growth rate for biotech crops worldwide (measured in at a constant double digit pace since 1996 . This is because GM crops give higher yields and consequently better revenues for farmers . In India , farmers increased their income by 250 per hectare in 2007 . Nine out of ten farmers also replant GM crops which indicate their level of trust for the technology 's potential (ISAAA . Aside from...

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