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Future Trend of Crisis Intervention in The Human Service Delivery System


Crisis is seen as an emotional problem that occurs in life of an individual and a stage in which there are several events that are required to be undertaken for this particular trend . Many of the behaviors that human beings have involves crisis this will mean that different people have different reaction to stress and crisis therefore if a crisis will lead to victimization then it will mean that there is need for such people to have particular behaviors and skills that can be to these crisis so that they can

cope well and lead to the right direction that will not affect a person psychologically and physically crisis situation will be coupled with different changes in behavior like over eating and lack of sleep to some people while other will have experiences of denial , disbelief and inability to cope with such situation . Therefore it is well for every one to know how to undertake a crisis so that it can be easy to get the right solutions in future as this problem occurs . There are other people who may experience psychological changes like changes in heart beats this will mean that such a person can easily collapse therefore there is need for care that will lead to curbing and going through such changes that occur to this person . The importance of crisis intervention for victim of crime is widely spread this will lead to have the investigations that will work out this problem (Samuel , 1990

The goals of the crisis intervention will be to help the victims be able to face reality and work out the problem in the right manner . This will involve how to deal with this crisis in that if the problem occurs how should one be able to encounter it and the need to go beyond the pain and emotional trauma so that it can be easy to attain new strength and opportunities that are responsible for growth and change . The victims will be those who are targeted of victimization and others affected by crime like parents and other people who may be close to this victim . This will lead to the need for further changes and requirements to be trained so that the information that is required can be achieved and save that particular individual . There is a challenge for crisis intervention in which there is need for the provision of effective crisis support and assistance as soon so that it can follow the victimization (Samuel , 1990

There is also the need to provide resources and services that are necessary so that they can meet the needs of the victims in providing direct services and assistances to the concerned agencies this will mean that the crisis intervention should be well equipped with the right information and measures that will be applied incase the crisis occurs so that the victim can know how to go about this problem in the right manner . it is therefore advisable for the victims to take the shortest...

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