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Future Security Threats

Future Security Threats

The tremendous historical changes taken place in the 20th century have completely reshaped the global political system . WWII and the Cold War period exposed the humanity to the danger of the global catastrophe , the nuclear arm race in the post WWII period combined with the reality of the Cold War had kept the entire mankind in tension for decades . The collapse of the USSR changed the geopolitical system of the global security radically

The USSR - USA competition have been replaced by the more dangerous confrontation of the entire

civilized world with the terrorism which occurs on the state level . The economic world structure has been changed due to rapidly developed economies of the two most populated countries India and China

The tremendous economic growth of both countries makes them the important players on the geopolitical and geo-economic arena . On one hand the economy liberalization of China may bring the optimistic forecast regarding the security issues connected with China but on the other hand its political confrontation with Taiwan brings the additional tension into the sub-region influencing negatively the global security

Similar dispute takes place between India and Pakistan over Kashmir There was a certain paradox in the Cold War confrontation between the USSR and the United States . Though the confrontation was very strong both countries realized the danger of the weapon of mass destruction proliferation . Both superpowers at least controlled the mass destruction weapon and did not arm their allies with it . The collapse of the USSR led to the uncontrolled mass destruction weapon proliferation

The dispute between India and Pakistan over Kashmir brings tension into the sub- region . First of all it is a territorial dispute . It is a case when the territorial dispute between two countries , Pakistan and India has been transferred into the military confrontation . Secondly , the territorial dispute between India and Pakistan may involve a number of countries because of the religious difference between India and Pakistan . Pakistan may gain certain support at the Muslim world . Both countries posses technologies for the mass destruction weapon development . Nuclear weapons have raised the stakes of the Kashmir dispute between India and Pakistan and , there continues to be tension over nuclear weapons capabilities with Iran , China , and North Korea '1

Such local conflicts ' may facilitate the new spin of the nuclear arm race which could bring the additional threat to the global security

The danger of the nuclear technologies proliferation is inevitable . The alternative to the coal power plants may be the nuclear power plants The nuclear power plants had been considered as a perfect alternative to the coal power plants causing the global warming effect due to the CO2 emission . The Chernobyl catastrophe in Ukraine indicated that the nuclear power stations could be very dangerous . However , the response to global warming should not , as some suggest , be the increased use of nuclear power . Even some environmentalists are now promoting the idea that nuclear energy could be the environmentally sound solution to the problem of rising...

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