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Fundamentals of Counseling


Fundamentals of Counseling (Your Name (Your School


Counseling is one of the most important service that aims at mitigating difficult situation that individuals are facing through formulation of own solutions . Counseling can be offered in a clinical set up or in non-counseling setting . Clinical counseling is done within the framework of health care while non clinical counseling takes place outside individual health care system (McLeod , 2003 ) However the process of counseling in both clinical and non-clinical set up is almost the same In this

we are going to understand the fundamentals of counseling in non-clinical setting . We are going to interview three counselors from Christian counseling center , Barnabas and Harvest Center Church


In to understand the operation of these three counseling centers I interviewed their caretakers who take care of the daily operation counseling service . I interviewed Pastor . John from Christian Centre church , Dr . Jane from Christian counseling , and Dr . James from Barnabas counseling ministries

of each ministry

Christian Counseling center which is located on Cody Road has a mission of helping change the lives of individuals by offering counseling services same as in clinical counseling which is enhanced by the word of God . The center offers counseling services to the whole family including marriage and family counseling , Children and adolescent counseling , and college and careering counseling . Barnabas counseling is run by Counseling Ministries which is overseen by Dr . Carter . This agency offer counseling to the troubled on a range...

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