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Fugitive Pieces

Fugitive Pieces : An Analysis

Anne Michaels ' Fugitive Pieces ' is a powerful novel about damaged lives and the indestructibility of the human spirit which was empowered through its poignant depiction of the concepts of loss , pain , memory language , and love

Loss , as one of the main themes in the novel played a very big role Everything that had happened to Jakob , as a child , and as he grew old was influenced by the things that had happened to him during his childhood . Jakob witnessed the murder of his own family . This therefore

affected his whole being . Death of an important person in ones life can sometimes lead to a or adressed properly , Jakob could have experienced the consequences of severe trauma which could have probably led to insanity "Every human encounter with the death of another person is to some extent a painful reminder of one 's own mortality , and every death encounter entails some degree of psychological trauma that results in subtle or profound psychological transformation (Henry 3 . However , the situation was obviously handled well by Jakob except for times when he was haunted by the thoughts of his family 's murder especially the disappearance of his sister , Bella . The concept of losing someone is a great factor or an important element in the progress of the story . As the story progressed these consistent thoughts about his family , however , affected his relationship with Alexandra . The girl thought that Jakob could not focus on their relationship because of the fact that he was still haunted by the thoughts about his family . Because of this , Alexandra thought that the relationship would not grow if he will continuously be thinking of other things than their relationship . Fortunately , with his second relationship , he was what had happened to his family . Cleverly , he just named his daughter after his lost sister , Bella . This was probably the only consolation he had for himself for trying to move on with his life without being bothered by the thoughts of his past

Pain , another relevant theme in the story was poignantly depicted "Pain is primarily a psychological experience . It is the most pervasive and universal form of human distress and it often contributes to dramatic reductions in the quality of life . (Hadjistavropoulos and Craig 1 . Jakob Beer , obviously experienced a lot of pain . Getting through to living life alone (without a family , for that matter , was never an easy task . Even if he was cared by Athos Roussos , the one who found him buried under the soil , living with real family members is still different . His encounters of having pain were greatly associated with his loss . Again , this has something to do with psychological aspects . Anything that is mentally and emotionally associated is considered as part of the psychological process . Pain , for that matter was again an important factor in his life . If we will try to analyze the concept of pain based on how it was used in the novel , we will observe that it not...

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