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`Friends, Good Friends-And Such Good Friends` by Judith Viorst

Friends , Good Friends , and such Good Friends ' by Judith Viorst

Every story that I read takes me to places I never knew . Some of them even take me back to the past where I remember every single memorable moment of my life . In this particular story , I remember all the people I have met that became special to me , especially those people whom I call my friends . In every aspect of my life , I get to meet different people from different walks of life . I met them during my primary and secondary years

in school , the university , at work , and I know I will be meeting many people in the future

It is not easy to gain friends . I think it is one of the most difficult things to do in life , because it requires understanding and hard work in keeping the friendship alive . Moreover , it is difficult to establish true friendship , because as Viorst has said there are friends for convenience , special interest , historical friends , cross-generational part-of-a-couple friends , and guy friends . However , I believe that not all these types of friendship amount to true friendship . This is because friendship is accepting one another without any judgments and apprehensions , and staying friends without waiting for anything in return , and that is a difficult thing to do . I believe that one cannot say that he is a true friend if he is not willing to accept the other wholeheartedly no matter who the other person is . Moreover , no matter the distance , friends should always find a way to communicate with each other in to preserve the relationship that has been established

I met my best friend during my childhood years . From then on , we have become great friends until now . However , we live in different countries so people might think that we fail to contact each other , but that is not the case . Friendship also means exerting great efforts to maintain a healthy relationship , which is why we still communicate with other in to catch up and learn more about each other 's situation...

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