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Paper Topic:

Freuds personality theories

: Freud 's personality theories

p Author

: This is a on Freud 's personality theory

This should cover

Id , Ego and super Ego , Anxiety and defense mechanisms , Anxiety Displacement , fixation , oral-passive character , oral-aggressive personality , Character , dreams , and etc

Do not need the stage of development (ex . erogenous zones , oral stage , anal stage , Phallic stage , latent stage , genital stage , and The Oedipal crisis )----this should not included any of these .Sources that must be used

The Ego and the Id by Sigmund Freud ,and

The Interpretation Of Dreams by Sigmund Freud

.No other sources can be used

-It needs to include citations , and quotes (must be cited

Example (`The pre-genital stages are brought to a stop , or draw back by a period called latency . A second wave sets in with puberty and determines the final outcome of sexual life` (Three contribution to the theory of Sex ,

. 69

Must have quotation marks and page numbers

-----also this must not include Freud 's bio

`Personality ' is internal qualities or group of characteristics that tend to affect behavior of the individual in various circumstances . The manner in which an individual behaves in to adapt to the environment is also considered as the personality . Behavior patterns and qualities such as values , abilities , attitudes , motives , emotions and thoughts constitute a part of the behavior . Freud 's theory of personality mainly deals with the communications between various elements of personality . His theory of personality is also known as `psychodynamic theory ' as there was a conversion of internal psychic energy into externally-manifested behavior . He tried to determine how normal personality and unusual behavior developed

Freud considered that in reality several objects existed amongst and the individual or organism was considered special . The individual is capable of existing and multiplying and has several needs including hunger , thirst , comfort and sex . The nervous system forms a very important portion of the individual as they are sensitive to its requirements . A personality was composed of three components , namely the id , the ego and the superego (The Ego and the Id ,

. 42

The id represents sexual and psychic urges and instincts or wishes and works on the pleasure principle . The id is considered to be unacceptable by the environment and the organism may not survive on the id alone , as it is irrational . The id represents passions (The Ego and the Id ,

. 46-47

The ego is a more rational element of the mind that relates the organism to the environment . It works on the reality principle and considers reasoning and use of common sense (The Ego and the Id ,

. 19 . The main goal of the ego is to control the id , by acting as a mediator between the id and the third component of the mind known as the `superego (The Ego and the Id ,

. 44-47

The superego is often contained within the ego and represents that component of the mind that exercises moral judgment . It is influenced by parental and...

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