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Freud`s Structure of Personality

Freud 's Structure of Personality : ID , EGO , SUPEREGO

Freud 's theory of identity is based on a radical notion of the conflict model . The conflict model views the self as unified . It is not a coherent , singular identity . The self is composed of several competing elements , which for Freud is the Id , Ego and Superego (Misencik , 2004 Just as we often say , One part of me wants to do one thing , and another part of me wants to do something else ' so did Freud conceive of the personality as made up of parts

often not at peace with one another (Burger , 2000 ,

. 48

In considering the human personality as a whole , Freud divided it into three functional parts : id , ego , and superego . He saw the id as the deepest level of the unconscious , dominated by the pleasure principle with its object the immediate gratification of instinctual drives . The superego , originating in the child through an identification with parents , and in response to social pressures , functions as an internal censor to repress the urges of the id . The ego , on the other hand , is seen as a part of the id modified by contact with the external world . It is a mental agent mediating among three contending forces : the outside demands of social pressure or reality , libidinal demands for immediate satisfaction arising from the id , and the moral demands of the superego Although considered only partly conscious , the ego constitutes the major part of what is commonly referred to as consciousness . Freud asserted that conflicts between these often-opposing components of the human mind are crucial factors in the development of neurosis (The Book of Threes No Date

Id : I want therefore I am

The id is the oldest of the psychical elements . It is everything that humans have inherited at birth . It is the part of the mind that has to deal with our instincts

It is the initial structural component and first character in Freud 's drama of personality . It is where the urge to desire for something comes from . According to Freud , desire comes from the part of your personality called the id , located in the expanses of our mind

The id contains all of our most basic animal and primitive impulses that demand satisfaction . It 's that little devil that sits on your shoulder whispering temptations and spurring you on . Id ' does not stand for identity ' it stands for it ' It is irrational , emotional demanding and strong

The id is a type of "container " that holds our desires . Relentlessly driven by a force Freud called the libido , the collective energy of life 's instincts and will to survive , the id must be satisfied . We 're all born with the id in full force . It 's unregulated and untouched by the constraints of the world outside of our minds (Psychology for Dummies , No Date

As the baby emerges from the womb into the reality of life , he wants only to eat , drink , urinate , defecate , be warm , and gain...

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