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Fraternities & Sororities

A Semi-Charmed Greek Kind of Life

All people seek a society of those who think and act somewhat like themselves . These are the words uttered by William Cobbet as he described the intricate subtlety of the need of each person to belong or be a part of something . For some time now , fraternities and sororities have been inching their way in schools and in society . The existence of these fraternities and sororities has a vast and diverse distinction with one another in relation to their own purposes . The reality is that the

so called Greek Life is always put on the spotlight of a trial . The controversy that encapsulates the whole idea of a fraternity or a sorority always hangs in the balance between charging them guilty or innocent in terms of simply being good or bad to students . The lopsided reality is that fraternities and sororities have always been associated to the very definition of being a bad influence . Thus , although schools and society in general perceive fraternities and sororities as detrimental to the lives of students , the truth is that they actually bring a substantial benefit to individuals not just as a student but more importantly , as a person in a community

In defining both a fraternity and a sorority , it must first be realized that the most obvious and primal distinction between these two is only in terms of the gender of their members . Simply put it , a fraternity is for males a brotherhood , and a sorority is for females a sisterhood Fraternities are usually named by two or three Greek letters and are also known as Greek-letter societies women 's Greek-letter societies are commonly called sororities (Scott , 1965 . But more than this , a fraternity and a sorority is defined by their aims and goals . Greek organizations are the center of social life at some campuses , but by the early twenty-first century , increasing numbers of colleges and universities have been banning them from schools (Horwitz , 1988 . In light of these , the purpose of this short discourse is to first illustrate why the common misconceptions about a fraternity and a sorority are merely hasty generalizations . Then , the focus will center upon the hidden and ignored reality that the Greek Life is actually fostering the betterment of each of its members and society as well

Society is filled with a number of unhealthy preconceived notions that give a fraternity and a sorority a negative perception . One of the most prevalent issues always being asserted is that fraternities and sororities are the reasons for the low or failing marks a lot of students are getting . This assertion is not corroborated by any factual evidence or proof . There is no actual proven relationship which shows the link between joining and being a member of a fraternity or a sorority to that of failing or having low grades in school . On the contrary , fraternities and sororities have a strong involvement in the academic performance of their members . An example of this is...

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