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Frank Pacetta Book Report


Pacetta 's Leadership Principles


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In the corporate setting , there are a number of leadership principles that could be seen being implemented . Especially in cases of non-performing personnel , managers and leaders of businesses should display the will and the courage to implement changes and do what is necessary for the organization to thrive and overcome the problems it is in . It would be easier to fire the non-performing personnel . In fact this is the immediate reaction to

such kinds of employee or personnel

Frank Pacetta 's (1995 ) book Don 't Fire Them , Fire Them Up ' aims to highlight team effort in achieving the targets and goals of the company He downplays the role of the individual in favor of the team . This way he eliminates the competition and the in-fighting within the organization and instead creating an atmosphere of cooperation and collaboration . The principles that Pacetta outlined can be implemented in both military and non-military situations because of the emphasis on teams and the importance of teamwork and instilling motivation on the organization as a whole

Establishing a Collaborative and a Winning Atmosphere

In Pacetta 's experience , one of the challenges he faced was how to transform a losing organization into a winning one . The spirit of competition was fierce and that there was an atmosphere of fear and punishment . In transforming such situation , Pacetta instituted a system that rewarded the achievers of the organization and praised anyone who showed amazing performance . He did away with the spirit of blaming fear , and punishment . Furthermore , he stressed the need for change in for people to grow and succeed

A Reward System for Teams

The reward system that Pacetta introduced enabled teams to be collectively awarded for their good efforts . This way , more people were involved in the growth process and a spirit of collaboration prevailed in the organization . Another interesting facet of Pacetta 's innovations is the way in which he raised the standards higher . This move challenged people to perform better . Those who did not want to grow and meet the standards left the organization on their own . Those who are willing to work hard transformed the atmosphere of the organization

Another benefit of encouraging the teams is the strategy of taking away the focus on individuals and putting it on the whole team and on the whole organization . This way , a stronger corporate culture is established , making people feel proud that they are a part of the system . Without this pride and passion for the organization , they won 't be willing to devote time , energy , and resources for the organization

Application of Pacetta 's Leadership Principles

Pacetta 's principles may be applied in both military and non-military settings . In the military setting , military units rarely move on as individuals . Most of the time , they are deployed in teams . As such , in this regard , the welfare of the team is very essential in carrying out the mission entrusted to...

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