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Frances educational system compared to the American system






French Educational System Compared to the American System

France and the United States have numerous striking differences and tastes in almost all cultural aspects . The French education system has been criticized globally by scholars and experts in various career fields for its failure to provide a flexible , all-round education However , it has also received praise and recognition by the world at large for its significant contribution to the field of mathematics , with the revolution in banking in the late 20th century pioneered by

French mathematicians . The United States education system , on the other hand is increasingly receiving favor by international students for its provision of high class , market friendly education , despite the current criticism on the high cost of education . This compares the French and the American education systems

There are many differences , as well as similarities , in the French and the US education systems . One of the major aspects which have raised concern is on higher education . In both countries , higher education is given high priority , and in the US , for instance , the majority of adults are college educated . In France , higher education is also highly valued with a person 's popularity and respect increasing as she or he advances in education

A significant difference in the higher education in both France and the US , however , is on the entrance process to university . In the French education system , before one can gain access to university studies , the final exam , the Baccalauryat , or the...

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