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Forced Marriages in India

Forced Marriages in India


A forced marriage is a marriage that is performed under duress and without the full and informed consent or free for both parties . Being under duress includes feeling both physical and emotional pressure Their families trick some victims of forced marriage into going to another country . Victims fall prey to forced marriage through deception abduction , coercion , fear , and inducements

A forced marriage may be between children , a child and an adult , or between adults . Forced marriages are not limited to women and girls , as boys

and men are also forced to marry against their will

A forced marriage is considered to be domestic violence and an abuse of human rights . Victims of forced marriages often experience physical violence , rape , abduction false imprisonment and enslavement , sexual abuse , mental and emotional abuse , and at times , murder

Yet it is a religious tradition in many places in India and therefore difficult to change . People feel that traditions are valuable and should not be changed , especially religious traditions , since changing these would amount to asking people not to practice their religion , a fundamental principal of democracy .2

Forced marriages in early age

Probably the main reason of forced marriages are the traditions of India like child marriage , child marriages were first started and then kept going was because in feudal times they served to strengthen family alliances for business or military purposes . It was like a business deal for two rich or powerful families to marry their children so they would have to work together or defend each other betrayal would mean their own children got hurt . Such matrimonial alliances worked only if the bride and groom were not too fussy about whom they were going to marry Making sure could reduce this fussiness they were too young to even understand choice or what was happening to them . By the time they reached an age where they might object or decide to find their own marriage partner , it was already too late

The benefit of child marriages to poorer people is that child marriages are cheaper than adult marriages , since a child marriage need not be as prestigious as an adult marriage , If siblings of different ages can be married off at the same time , it further reduced expenses , So this was often done : two or three sisters married in a single wedding ceremony

Another reason often given is that child marriages protect the girls from other men , once she is married , may see her as being unavailable and belonging to someone else

And that is really the crux of the problem- child marriages are a reflection that , like sati , women and girls are seen as property that `belongs ' to someone : her family , her husband , her in-laws . A women girl is either a burden or can be `traded ' and used in any way the others see fit . If her marriage is left too late , it may mean that no one wants her and then she will be seen as...

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