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Food Journal Analysis

Food Journal Analysis

For the analysis of the my one-day record of food intake taken by the Center of Nutrition Policy and Promotion under the United States Department of Agriculture , my overall assessment for my intake that day is that I think it is just enough or adequate for me , though there are some items that I did not reach the recommended level and some few items where are exceed that level . Well , according to the analysis of Nutrient intakes , to exceed from the recommended level may probably mean that it is

good but that is not always guaranteed . Remember that all that is too much is bad . I also realized many things that my diet would probably be take effect . For example , my food intake that day only produces 2033 kcals while the recommended food energy level for me is 2938 kcals . The computation for the recommended food energy is based on the gender physical features such as height and weight and the activities done though in this analysis we do not consider the activities we are usually doing . Going back to the calculations of my food energy level , since it is lower than the recommended , this may mean that I will likely to become tired even before I am done with all the chores and activities lined up to complete my day . Although I have less energy that day , I think my diet is still good since I get rid of too much fat and cholesterol . See how important this analysis is

Now , let us see how my intake that day been analyzed according to the food groups in the food pyramid . There are five categories in the pyramid , namely milk , meat and beans , fruits , vegetables , and grains . Of these groups or categories , two of them exceed the recommended serving or the minimum number or units as recommended to have a proper diet for the food intake that day . One of them is the fruits which I take in 20 more than the minimum number of servings . That is I ate a half cup more than the recommended . The other one is the vegetables which I take in 10 more than the minimum number of recommended servings . That is I about 0 .4 cups more than the recommended serving . Well , this two earns me two smiling icons in the Dietary Guidelines . That would simply means that I have a good assessment in those groups . This is two groups somehow can be considered as the groups that are overrepresented in my diet . Meanwhile , the remaining three groups doesn 't earn me a smiling icon , two of them are the OK icon , which means average , and the other is a sad icon , which means it is a poor assessment . Let me try to interpret them one by one

The three food groups in the food pyramid that are underrepresented in my diet are meat and beans , grain , and milk . I only take in 61 of the minimum recommended servings of...

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