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Food: Steroids, Antibiotics, Sprays. Are food manufacturers killing us?

Food : Steroids , Antibiotics , Sprays . Are food manufacturers killing us

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Food : Steroids , Antibiotics , Sprays . Are food manufacturers killing us

A century ago , the one-and-a-half billion . The beginning of the 21st century saw the world teeming with a population of almost six billion . Eight years since almost another billion has been added to this figure (Population Reference Bureau , 2007 . The cultivable and grazing land of the world have however experienced dramatic decrease in area due to a combination of factors such as

such land being taken over for development of industries and residential complexes , erosion , improper land use practices etc . This stark contrast between the growth of mouths to feed and the reduction of area on which food can be grown or raised , has forced agriculturists , livestock and poultry farmers and food manufacturers as well as the governments of the world to seek new means of increasing production or yield . For example , the world produced a whereas in 2004 alone , the Similarly meat production increased from 136 million tons during the period 1989-91 to 260 million tons in the year 2004 alone (FAO statistics , 2008

Increase in yield and production is achieved through the application of fertilizers , hormonal growth boosters in the form of steroid , and a wide variety of other chemical...

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