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Paper Topic:

Focusing on the period between 1800 and 1865, analyze how the institution of slavery affected the development of the American South and the lives of people living in that region. You should consider the economic, political, social, and cultural implicati

American Civil War . Even though there were other underlying issues that led to the outbreak of this war , the issue of slavery was significant in the outbreak of the war . As already mentioned , the institution of slavery also affected Americans in a number of ways mainly culturally politically , socially and most of all economically (Frank Kenneth 2004

However , when Abraham Lincoln who led an anti-slavery movement was elected to power as President of America , he passed a law that made slavery illegal in the country . It was as a result of

this ruling by Abraham Lincoln that 12 states broke away from the main confederation and this came to be known as the secession . Although slavery may have had negative impacts , it was also a major lesson for the Americans to learn . As much as the people in the southern region did not agree , it had become apparent that abolition of slavery was important to create a level ground for every person without having the attitude of master and servant (Edward . 2009

Nevertheless , despite the various challenges that were encountered in abolishing slavery in America , the practice slowly died down and this paved way for growth both economically , socially , culturally and politically . Democracy was given a chance and America now stands out as one of the most democratic states the world over . Indeed , slavery had major impacts on the people of the southern region in terms of politics culture , socially and economically


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