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`The Fly` by Katherine Mansfield

The Fly by Catherine Mansfield should be one of the master pieces which got their due recognition late and since , have had a snow ball effect in terms of the critical attention it has received . Both the sides of the critical camps , some that consider it a master piece and the other who consider it an over rated and badly written piece have successfully kept attention focused on one of the last works of Mansfield before she passed away

Let us first focus upon the Fly which is the title of the piece

. In the Fly that fell into the ink and was rescued by the Boss , we have the symbolism for the people in peril who might be saved by the seemingly incongruous acts like taking it out with a pen and leaving it out to shake itself dry on the blotting . The soldiers who go to wars that they have had no part in starting with people who don 't have any quarrel with them only due to the reasons , so external to them and beyond their control are like those flies . They have to prove their machismo in the face of a painful death just to satisfy , at least in some instances , the whims and fancies of the rulers who assume it is a mental game to them

The entire episode of the Fly and the Boss is about the varied degrees of insensitivity people feel towards other living beings . People apply different yardsticks to the values like compassion , and kindness that one person 's medicine becomes another person 's poison . It is worth noting that the Boss indulges in this distraction to satisfy his fantasies ( a possible imaginary interpretation of the reader ) that his son had been in perilous situation in the course of the war and may be could have survived had he looked a little more sharp . He wills the Fly to look sharp as he would have willed his son to conquer adversity , if for nothing else , at the least to be alive as his father 's son and avoid him the grief of a lost son . He does not realize that he is dealing with a living being and unconsciously pushes it beyond its endurance (which again can be attributed to the efforts of the people who orchestrate the wars but don 't realize that how much ever they will to be so , their soldiers , young people with limited quantum of endurance can end up losing their lives . As is often seen , people who are responsible for this loss of lives go into self denial of any wrong doing and in an effort to guard themselves against the guilt , start acting curt and arrogant to the world around them (may be in the fear that any soft demeanor from them might invite questions from the world which they are afraid to ask of themselves . This is a plausible Mansfield wanted to draw reader 's attention to through this seemingly innocuous incident...

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