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Paper Topic:

Fitness Center Systems Development

Systems Development Plan for a Fitness Center

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Serial Page

1 Background and Overview 3

2 Problem Definition 4

3 Research Question 5

4 Research Methodology 6

5 Problems and Limitations 9

Appendices 11

Bibliography 12 1 . Background and Overview

The wellness industry , of which fitness centers form a substantial segment , is already a 200 billion industry globally , according to Paul Zane Pilzer , author of The Wellness Revolution

Increasing awareness of healthy living and its abundant advantages as well as

an ageing Occidental population will only propel this industry to the trillion dollar mark globally . Wellness stems from an innate desire to live fruitful lives , whether as corporates or as individuals in returning back to society and to the environment that which has been plundered from nature and the natural organic and inorganic life . This quest for wellness presupposes no further pillaging of the natural flora or fauna or any of the earth 's natural resources or the annihilation of an already depleted wildlife

A preliminary study of successful and best in class fitness and wellness centers and their reasons for excellence was the next logical step . A perusal of the magazines and journals pertaining to fitness , wellness dietary nutrition across all ages and populations like Fitness American Health and Fitness , Self , Men 's Fitness , etc . provided valuable insight into the reasons behind successful fitness centers and gymnasiums

The Mission Statement of The Manchester Community College in the United Kingdom , as per http /www .googlesyndicatedsearch .com /u /ManchesterCC states as follows

At the Fitness Center , we know that maintaining a healthy body developing self awareness and creating new friendships are equally important as succeeding in your studies . The Fitness Center provides not only a place to work out , but also a place to socialize and bring our campus together as a community

It is endeavored at most fitness centers to offer the highest standards of programs and services and to create an environment that serves to satisfy all of its customers , whether external or internal . In light of the above background , this research proposal is a submission towards the creation of a systems development plan for a fitness center and towards this objective , it is imperative to explore the information systems that enable the fitness center to align its purposes with the company goals

The writer of this research proposal feels that a detailed study of the factors for providing best in class facilities and services and bench marking those standards will help in laying down targets and standards for fitness centers and similar establishments across the globe . This should also help the managers of such establishments , fitness consultants in the various specialized functions as well as the retail end-users

2 . Problem Definition

The subject for this research proposal is to create a business development plan for a 24 7 fitness center , whether manned or unmanned . Fitness centers generally provide for three components viz physical activity , recreation and sports facilities . Most fitness centers , including gymnasiums...

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