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First-person Exploratory essay on marijuana legalization






In the present world , any talk of marijuana to many implies illegal drug usage , crime , imprisonment among other negative things that have been associated with marijuana . This is more so because it is considered as a dangerous drug and that legalizing it would imply loss of control on the minority using it . In the light of this , marijuana remains an illegal drug , the usage of which earns imprisonment or heavy fine to the user in many countries worldwide . There has over the year arisen

many debates especially in the United States as to whether or not marijuana should be made legal , with many of the legislators opposing any move to legalize it . On the contrary to the various reasons given as to why the usage and sale of marijuana should remain illegal , there are many positive reasons as to why the government should take a step ahead and legalize it (Kreit , 2003 , 46

There exist medical , economical and social reasons as to why marijuana should be legalized . For one , scientific evidence has proved that despite the fact that marijuana is harmful to the body of the user , it is also beneficial in its own unique ways . Despite such evidence and many other worthy reasons as to the legalization of marijuana , the government has retained its strong stand against the sale and usage of marijuana . Still , the war against this drug has proved over the years to be impossible and the government has continuously increased it...

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