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Film Analysis - Forest Gump

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Film Analysis of Forrest Gump

The movie Forrest Gump ' is a comedy-drama film released in the year 1994 that is based on the famous novel with the same name written by a great poet named Winston Groom and published in the year 1986 . The production and release of the movie is considered as a major success as it earned and recorded earnings of about US 677 million worldwide

br during its global screening . As such , Forrest Gump is seen among the top grossing film in the North America that has been released in that year

Indeed , the film has experienced huge commercial success that has garnered a six of the Academy Awards including the Best Visual Effects , Best Picture , Best Director for Robert Zemeckis and the Best Actor , for the outstanding screen play of the reputable movie actor Tom Hanks . The film 's massive success is seen as a global accomplishment and a pro-bono for a great movie like Forrest Gump ' that has been produced with superb taste of movie technology and with a profound flow of the story

The movie Forrest Gump ' tells about the profound story of a man and his impressive journey through life while influencing most of the people that he has met . The movie tells the life of a...

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