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Filipino Food, Culture, and Hospitality


Philippines , is a country in the Pacific Ocean off the southeast coast of Asia . The country includes several small island groups but consists mainly of the Philippine Islands , one of the largest chains in the Malay Archipelago . Nearest neighbors are Taiwan and China to the North , and Malaysia and Indonesia , to the South (See Philippines

Surrounding waters include the Pacific Ocean and Philippine Sea on the east , the Sulu and Celebes Seas on the South , and the South China Sea on the West . Separating the islands are numerous straits , bays , gulfs

, and seas . Among them are the Sibuyan , Visayan , and Mindanao seas (See Philippines . This identifies the different Filipino Food Culture and Hospitality


Physical Geography

The Philippines ' area is roughly about 116 ,000 square miles . There are about 7 ,100 islands , many of them unnamed and uninhabited small islands and islets . Luzon , in the north , and Mindanao , in the south , are by far the largest . Together , they form about two- thirds of the Philippines area . Other major islands include Mindoro , Palawan , and those forming the heart of the Visayan islands - Masbate , Samar , Panay , Negros , Cebu Bohol and Leyte . The distance from the northern end of Luzon to the southern tip of Mindanao is about 1 ,600 miles

The islands consist mainly of mountains thrust up from the floor of the Pacific . They were formed by folding , faulting and much volcanic activity . Most rivers in the Philippines are relatively short and swift Among the major rivers on Luzon...

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