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The Figure of the Moor in Shakespeare's "Othello" and Cinthio's Hecatommithi.

The Figure of the Moor in Shakespeare 's Othello and Cinthio 's Hecatommithi

Othello is a masterpiece from Shakespeare , but the plot is copied from the original source , Cinthio 's Hecatommithi . Although the two versions are practically similar , Shakespeare makes some innovations that separate his play from its original source . Othello adds up several characters more to thicken the plot and the characters are given names Perhaps the most notable difference between the two versions is the depiction of Othello or the Moor . Cinthio 's Moor is an unrepentant killer , while

Shakespeare 's Othello is tragic hero

Othello and the Moor in Hecatommithi are similar in a way that they are both weak as they allow themselves to be manipulated by Iago and the Ensign , which leads them to their tragic demise but Othello 's character stands out as the more superior than the Moor in Hecatommithi

Unlike Cinthio 's Moor , Othello realizes his mistake and deeply regrets it

In a scene where he kills wife out of rage and jealousy fueled by the devious Iago , the realization comes to Othello as he stands over the dying Desdemonia . She utters words to Emilia that her death is her own doing , thus freeing her husband from the responsibility . A guiltless death I die (Shakespeare 216 . Othello 's realization is intensified by the confession of Emilia that Iago is behind all the chaos and Othello blindfully follows him . In this part , Shakespeare allows his character to go back to his original and...

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