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Feminism in Angela Carters `The Bloody Chamber`

The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories and the Female Mind Angela Carter puts together : images and situations from a person 's dreams and unconscious state (dreaming stage , with the themes from mythology and sexually exciting imagery with the combined views of feminist thought and political thought

Carter 's work in The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories ' is noticeable for the way that her imagination is wild and free of boundaries , the scenes that she creates through her writing are very colorful , and the words she chooses are able to awaken the five


Although Carter is often criticized for being a writer much like Edgar Allan Poe , Henry James , and H . Lovecraft[ who are all who created challenging and imaginative short stories] - who enjoys traveling with her readers on ghostly planes and paths that go into the darkness of the netherworld[the world beyond this life] , she is also praised for this kind of writing style . And so , it is both an advantage and a disadvantage

The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories ' contains short stories with related themes , many which come from fairy tales and fables . In this book of collected works of prose , Angela Carter acts as both someone who analyzes the fairy tales of old in relation to how they have affected world culture , and Carter is also an inventor , who uses these fairy tales in to create newer forms of the stories with more exciting and creative plots

One of the sources of excitement would be how Angela Carter mixes in an element of the sexual , which we often find lacking in the old fairy tales

When the ten stories in the collection start out , they first resemble the fairy tales that they were based on , but as the story lines progress , readers begin to pinpoint were the plots differ from their originals because the stories then become stories which deviate from the clear and straightforward narrative style of the fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm , Charles Perrault , and Hans Christian Andersen . Angela Carte 's version of Sleeping Beauty , Snow White , Puss in Boots , Beauty and the Beast , The Tale of Bluebeard , and Little Red Riding Hood ,are more complicated than their origins , more elaborate , and with more sexual overtones . In this , the stories in the collection to be discussed in their relations to feminist theory and thought are : The Bloody Chamber , The Tiger 's Bride , The Lady of the House of Love , Puss In Boots , and The Courtship of Mr . Lyon

The first and longest story (The Bloody Chamber ) in the collection , which also gives the collection of short stories , its title , is the purest example of Carter 's writing style . An innocent young music student is brought as the Marquis ' fourth bride to his remote castle on the Breton coast . The young bride-to-be is seen as a collector 's item to be ranked beside his priceless jewels and his library of rare and pornographic books and to be enjoyed between business trips to...

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