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Paper Topic:

Feasibility; Experimental Research and Bias

Research Hypothesis

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29 March 2010

Section A

Hypothesis I

The degree of care displayed by nurses influences the rate of recovery in patients

Study Design

An experimental research design will be adopted in the study . It is noteworthy that the use of an experimental design allows for primary data collection which is important in improving the validity of the findings . Another reason for choosing an experimental research design is the nature of the problem being studied . It is

noteworthy that though there are various studies that have outline the benefits and importance of a caring relationship between clinical practitioners and their patients or clients , few have established quantitative evidence of the impact of caring relationship on the rate of recovery . Most studies adopt Watson 's theory of transpersonal caring in postulating the impact of caring relationship on the rate of patient recovery (Yoder-Wise 2003 . Adoption of an experimental study design will allow for a quantitative approach to analyzing the relationship between care and rate of recovery within clinical settings

Population , Recruitment and Criteria

The population in the study is defined as nurses who are tasked with taking care of admitted patients . The definition of the population seeks to create an allowance for continuous collection of data as patients recover . Five hospitals will be contacted and permission sought for data collection . The aim and procedures that will be used in the study will be explained to the relevant authorities . Individual nurse will also...

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