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In this lifetime , I do not think I will ever meet a person devoid of fear . This premise is probable the reason the record-breaking television show , Fear Factor , has catapulted to stardom and still enjoys the accolade as being one of the most successful reality shows that has graced the small screen . The producers have made millions of dollars by making people 's fears real and tangible

Various fears have been featured in the media , from the most common of fears like fear heights

or altophobia and fear of spiders arachnophobia to the most bizarre of fears like fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth or Arachibutyrophobia and the fear of people or society or what is called Anthropophobia . But the most important questions remain . What is fear ? Are our fears real ? Are they rational Or are they mere tricks our minds are playing on us like the shadows at night that take on the form of hideous looking monsters based on our imagination

From the physiological point of view , fear is the brain 's response to an impending or anticipated danger . When fear rises , blood gathers in the large skeletal muscles , such as those in the arms and legs , preparing your body to flee . Blood leaves the face , making a person appear paler The body freezes for a moment to gauge possible reactions (Parker 2007 , para 3 . Physical reactions to fear include quickening of breathing , a tightening of the throat and chest , perspiration difficulty breathing , quickened heart rate and a feeling of wanting to flee (Parker , 2007 , para 6 . It is not uncommon for people , when confronted by their fears , to exhibit irrational behavior like uncontrollable crying , running around like they are being pursued by the devil , or stuttering unintelligible phrases . Sometimes the basis of our fear is real or understandable . For example , there is rhyme and reason for being afraid of a person pointing a gun or being terrified when confronted by a cobra ready to strike at the slightest movement But more often than not , the source of our fear exists only in our minds . For example , there are people who are afraid of the color purple . Purple , per se , does not pose any threat . It is not unlikely though , that by association , a person becomes afraid of certain things It is possible , for instance , that as a child , a person had a traumatic experience where his or her memory latched on to certain thing as the dominant representation of such even in his /her life . That specific thing translates to fear

Fear is not altogether unhealthy , in fact , it is quite useful for self-preservation (Gale Group , 2001 . A researcher even stated that fear is a basic primal emotion that is key to evolutionary survival Throughout the years of man 's existence , some fears have become innate in us because there human history has counseled us that to survive , we must flee when confronted by certain...

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