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Family background and goal essay

I am a full-blooded Chinese from Southern China . My parents died when I was only eight years old , which means I had been an orphan for 24 years Since I am an only child , I had no other siblings to run to or to take care of me when my parents passed away . Naturally , my grandparents took over the responsibility of raising me . My other relatives tried to help too whenever they can . However , in spite of the help of my grandparents and relatives , it was still hard to meet my financial needs especially

br concerning my schooling because I come from a low-income family . Most of my relatives did not finish their high school or secondary education so that they only earn their living by farming or as factory workers . The priority of the family income is to buy food to eat . Since they earned little , there was nothing much left for other needs . I felt then I was a burden to them . Together with the rest of the family , I faced daily the struggles and challenges associated with poor living conditions

Fortunately , I met many kind people who helped me when I was in need Most of them were not my relatives but they were generous and offered encouragement along the way . These people were my source of strength and inspiration . I studied hard and earned good grades in school . Since I came from a poor background , the Chinese government paid my tuition fee When I was in high school , I passed for a scholarship . Even as a scholar , I still encounter financial difficulties but the kind people around me provided the money I need or assisted me in securing a loan That is why I am so thankful for these people for without them I would have not finished my secondary education . I am especially thankful for my ex-boyfriend who was instrumental in my coming here . Actually , I never dreamed that I will be in America but I am glad and happy that I am given the chance to come here and to fulfill my dreams . Coming here had helped to define my life goals . I realized that if I work and study hard here there is a big chance that my dreams will be fulfilled

To finish my college education is very important to me , not only for personal fulfillment but because I will be the first in my family to finish a college degree . After I finish my two years course in college I would like to pursue a degree in nursing . I always wanted to become a nurse . When I was 16 years old , I worked in a nursing home and took care of the sick and old people . That experience had opened my eyes to the beauty of the nursing profession . I was happy and felt fulfilled that I was able to help those who were physically suffering (College of Nursing 2006 . Since then I resolved to become a nurse . I feel that in...

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