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Family Systems Therapy

Running head : Family therapy systems




July 22nd , 2010


Personal boundaries are crucial for every human well being . For one to coexist well in a society or family for example , they should learn to set their own boundaries . However , one should not use this as an excuse to manipulate others they should rather let go of the outcome when they set their boundaries (Cloud , 2004 . The aim of this paper , therefore , is to identify the boundaries that exist in our day to day lives and their

br impact on our lives altogether . The existence or the non-existence of boundaries highly determines how we relate to others


In a family setting for example , boundaries do exist between parents among the children in the family and even between a parent and a child (Lundberg Lundberg , 2000 . At work places , workers have their own boundaries they put to avoid being mistreated such as being overworked or underpaid by their bosses . The same applies to the bosses who set their own boundaries against indolent employees who are always late to work and never run short of excuses . Lastly , boundaries for people in a relationship are as crucial as is their relationship no healthy relationships last without healthy boundaries (Cloud , 2004

These boundaries are important as they help us speak out our feelings regarding how we are treated by others whether good or bad and this is a way of protecting ourselves in a healthy way . Whenever...

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