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Family History

Family History

I am a white Caucasian with a colorful family background . My family originated from different parts of the world . My mother is of Irish descent while my father , German descent . Because of their different cultures , I am introduced with a lot of cultures from both sides , which certainly played a great part in the formation of my character

As far as I can remember , both of my parents raised me to recognize both cultures which they came from . From my German blood , I became very appreciative of artistic works like

paintings , sculptures and more . At one point in my life , I was very to Classical music , which has been a part of a German lifestyle ever since the time of great composers like Bach and Beethoven . From my Irish side , I inherited the love for festivities . I remember how my family treated every holiday as a very special occasion which should involve every member of the family . This is what has brought us closer to each other as far as I know

The best model of assimilation that can be applied to our family was Anglo-Conformity ADDIN EN .CITE 2Americani zation : The Theory of Anglo-Conformity2007October 112002http /www .afromerica .com /knowledge /psychology /networks /americanization .php "Americanization The Theory of Anglo-Conformity " 2002 . This is because our family was able to blend in to the popular culture . Despite the differences in my family 's origins , we were able to unite and become a single entity which is the family . We were able to adopt the different lifestyles in the place we live in today . We don 't consider ourselves different from other people and despite this my family still has our cultural values intact . Pluralism on the other hand , shows that there are different cultures evident in a certain society , which is not applicable in our case ADDIN EN .CITE Reynolds2H . T ReynoldsPluralism2007October 111996http /www .socialstudieshelp .com /APGOV_pluralism .htm (Reynolds , 1996

Our family is different from that of Hang Sou because their migration to the United States was very abrupt . It was a life changing step since they are introduced to a idea what 's in store for them . Because of these things , everything was difficult for Hang Sou and his family


ADDIN EN .REFLIST Americanization : The Theory of Anglo-Conformity (2002 . Retrieved October 11 , 2007 , from HYPERLINK "http /www .afromerica .com /knowledge /psychology /networks /americanization .php http /www .afromerica .com /knowledge /psychology /networks /americanization php

Reynolds , H . T (1996 . Pluralism . Retrieved October 11 , 2007 , from HYPERLINK "http /www .socialstudieshelp .com /APGOV_pluralism .htm http /www .socialstudieshelp .com /APGOV_pluralism .htm Family History PAGE \ MERGEFORMAT 1...

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