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Family Genogram

p Family Genogram

Generally , my family 's background would be Christian and close-knit Here , the relationships are tight and the members are in harmony . Though a divorce is present between my parents , their functioning as parents and grandparents is not strained towards me and my brother or to their grandchildren . I currently work as a counselor and my wife is working in the department of juvenile justice . This way , we are very in touch with other peoples ' feelings , especially to our kids . We tend to be empathic and sensitive towards our families

. As seen in the genogram , my family relationships are harmonious while there is much conflict in my wife 's family

Growing up , my father and mother were not as fortunate as my generation and were unable to finish college . This prepared me for the early part of my life which was not as abundant as it currently is . During my childhood , my mother and father struggled to put me and my brother through school , and , most importantly , college . My mother and father would always tell us when we had decided to get married that a harmonious relationship always meant giving and taking to one another (with your spouse

However , they had divorced when me and my brother were in college , which upset me and my brother a lot . They then explained that they had grown distant from each other and that living together was becoming too hard for them . According to them , all their life they struggled to provide for me and my brother that somehow they had grown tired and wanted to do other things

However , they had also seen that these `other things ' often did not include the other and that their own selves had become more important than their spouse . They had hidden their desires from each other and even from their children . Apparently , though they were feeling immense strain in their relationship because of supporting two children , they continued to stay together for our sake . Once my brother and I were older , though , they decided that it was time to be true to their feelings and separate

Though at the beginning , this upset me and my brother very much , our age and experiences and education as college students helped us understand that this divorce was for the betterment of the whole family Both my mother and my father wanted to be able to live freely and decide for themselves what they wanted without another person tying them down Since my brother and I were older and capable of understanding them as adults , they had asked us for permission and much understanding . They explained how it was getting suffocating and that they were only trying to make it feel like a family for me and my brother

After a while , seeing how my parents had become happier and more friendly to each other did I understand how much they needed the divorce so that they would be able to function as themselves . They were not hostile...

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