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Equivocation : David said he does not like the likes of them ' - misuse of language . One of the fallacies I have come to identify in our world especially in the media is the fallacy of equivocation . Equivocation is a form of fallacy that involves the misuse of language . It occurs when a meaning of a word in statement is ambiguous and so gives the statement a confusing or double meaning . For example , it involves using a word A twice in a sentence but with different meanings

Attacking the person


: I think the war in Iraq is justified

Dave : Why won 't you be ? Are you not a republican ? - Attacking the person

Another fallacy which can be seen is our world , especially in the field of politics , is attacking the person . We commit this fallacy when we attack the person making the argument rather than the argument being made . This fallacy falls under fallacies of irrelevant appeals and is divided into three which is guilt by association rejecting an argument because of people the arguer relates with , abusive which occurs when we call the arguer names and circumstantial , which is rejection of argument on the basis of the circumstances the arguer is

Genetic Christmas has always been celebrated in America for the past 100 years , so it will be celebrated this year ' - Appealing to genetic This is a form of fallacy that makes a draws a conclusion on the basis of what has always been happening in the past . It follows the pattern that because A ' has been happening in the past , A ' will happen now or in the future

Appeal to person / bandwagon effect : African Americans believe that Oboma should be elected President of The United States . This has made me believe this too ' - Appeal to person / Band wagon effect . This is a form of fallacy that making a conclusion based on the belief of other people or a group of persons . It follows the pattern that because group A believes B ' is true , then , I conclude that B ' must be true . There are different types namely , popularity , positional , novelty and common practice

Appeal to Pity

Lawyer : My client is a widow and her child is still young , she has been suffering since the death of her husband so I submit that the charges against her be dropped ' - Appeal to pity . This is a form of fallacy that rests its conclusion on the emotions . It is often used in the legal profession . It follows the pattern that the other person should accept the conclusion or argument because of a pitiful situation There are also other forms of appealing to emotions . They are appeal to love /lust and appeal to anger

Red herring /distraction

Miranda : Arsenal will lose the match to Liverpool in champion 's league

Donald : Arsenal is the richest club in England . - Red herring . This is an evasive form of fallacy . It occurs when we present a different perspective from the issue...

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