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Fallacy connotes an error in reasoning and such errors are extremely common in day to day arguments . Given below are three arguments . This examines three arguments to see if they are fallacious , the fallacy committed and why

1 . We should either pay our teachers better salaries (p1 ) or admit that we don 't care about our children 's education (c

The given argument is fallacious and commits the fallacy of false dilemma . Here , the arguer presents two choices and then suggests that a

br selection be made from the small menu (Dowden , 2010 . This fallacy can be brought to light by showing other possibilities (Kahane Cavender 2006 ,

. 58 . Teacher salary is not the only determinant of care about children 's education . For instance , parents devoting time to homework and discussing concepts studied at school also show concern about children 's education . Further , devoting more monetary resources to strengthen school infrastructure or provide stationary materials to students are also reflective of concern towards children 's education Many such factors that indicate care for education of children can be identified . For the conclusion to hold true , i .e . to prove that we don 't care about our children 's education ' it is necessary to show the simultaneous negation of all factors that show concern to education Since the negation of one factor , better salaries , is not enough to prove that we don 't care about children 's education , the arguer 's reasoning is faulty and...

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