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Things Fall Apart

Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe


Chinua Achebe 's famous novel Things Fall Apart describes an Igbo village in the late 1800 's . In the story , Achebe depicts women in Igbo society as a sadly oppressed group with no power . Women of the Igbo tribe were terribly mistreated , and had no respect outside their role as being a mother or a wife . The female characters in the story are very obedient to males , and their lives are greatly affected by the desires of their husbands or fathers . I noticed in the

novel that fathers sold their daughters off to marriage , and husbands beat their wives . Most men in Igbo society used tradition as a background to dictate women roles and lives . The Igbo society was a society that put a lot of emphasis on gender roles , and the importance of masculinity and violence , which resulted in the abuse of the female 's character and evident male dominant society structure

Throughout time , especially during the nineteenth century , women were oppressed , and they were confined to the role of nurturing . In the Igbo society , patriarchy ruled in every aspect of existence . Men were superior in the Igbo society while women were confined to their traditional roles . In the beginning of the story , we hear about Okonkwo getting his masculinity from his father and he sets out to be better than him . He never really takes any attributes from his mother but we learned that he took care of her . The presence of Okonkwo 's mother in his life is xistence . Achebe says , His father , Unoka , in his day was very lazy and incapable of repaying the debts he owed every neighbour .he was a failure , his wife and children had barely enough to eat (2937 . Okonkwo view his father as a feminine because he did not achieve a high statue which women had . Okonkwo did not want to be a failure in society like his father , so he associates himself with masculinity and he becomes abusive to his wife . In the Igbo society men were supposed to control their wives , and Okonkwo mannered his wives by being aggressive and violent to them

Evidently , in the Igbo society , women were seen as men 's property and wives came in multiple numbers . Women were bought and sold into marriage and once she became a man 's property , she became a little more than an object . However , women in the Igbo society were forced to look to married men who could afford to take care of them . Women needed a husband because they were the ones who took care of them . Husbands built obi for them and they took care of them . The Igbo society saw that the more wives you had , the greater respect you would get . They respected men who had plenty wives because it took a man of great wealth to mine many . In Umuofia , the more wives a man had , the better , just like Okonkwo , he had three wives , and...

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