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Fairy Tale: A close look at Cinderella

Fairy Tale : A Close Look at Cinderella

Different versions of the legendary folk tale Cinderella are told to children . This tale spun by master storytellers might have arisen from different cultural backgrounds , and lead scholars to scrutinize on the powerful parallelisms of various accounts of Cinderella . Naturally , one might ponder on the impact of this story and how it gained popularity especially on the younger set of population , as licated and child-like as it is . In 1697 , Charles Perrault gave Cinderella its first variant with his version of Little Glass Slipper

br This is perhaps the closest to its contemporary version . However , Tuan Ch 'Eng-Shih gives the earliest date of birth of Cinderella , as early as 850-860 AD with his Chinese Cinderella . The Grimm Brothers ' Aschenputtle in 1812 is the nearest to what Anne Sexton had most realistically interpreted and successfully put into prose . Giambattista Basile 's Cat Cinderella is termed as Cat because of the inhumane treatment to Zezolla or Cinderella . It depicts a child lost and constantly in search of finding a mother 's love (Basile ) It also has the all time favorite Cinderella version : a golden book adaptation of Disney 's Cinderella by Campbell Grant

In Transformations , Anne Sexton 's book , Sexton took fairy tales to a higher level by portraying these myths in a more pragmatic picture Sexton went as far as saying that poetry should be a shock to the senses . It should almost hurt ' Sexton 's troubling experiences might have made an influence into her writings . Realism and romanticism collided in a forceful manner as shown in Sexton 's Cinderella . The impoverished penetrating the world of opulence and power earned Sexton 's sarcasm on the poem

A plumber winning the Sweepstakes , a nursemaid from diapers to Dior , a milkman from milk to martinis and the charwoman from mops to Bonwit Teller : these are the four individuals who by virtue of luck became fortunate to turn their lives in an opposite direction : becoming filthy rich . Sexton recounts the Grimm 's story as if it was her own but retains the major ideas . Cinderella , who lives with her father , cruel stepmother and two black hearted stepsisters , was made into a plain maid . She was forgotten and neglected by her own father . One day , Cinderella planted a twig on her mother 's grave . From where the twig sprung a nestled dove gave everything her heart desires . On the day of the ball , she managed to pick up lentils thrown on the floor with the dove 's assistance , a ploy by her stepmother to prevent her from going to the palace . At the ball , garbed in a golden gown with her feet encased in golden slippers she was able to captivate the Prince 's heart as well as avoiding catching her stepsisters ' attention and disappearing in a pigeon house On the third day of the ball , her shoes got stuck in a wax . Undeterred by the disappearance of the unnamed dancing maiden , the prince searched the whole Kingdom by...

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