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Failed Global Marketing Approaches

The product is introduced into the market in a standard manner and preferences . Product positioning and market-segmentation are major challenges in case of over-standardization . Euro-Disney , launched by Disneyland is considered failure due to inability of the product to add value to the customers Consistency in the brand environment and brand policies of the company led to the failure of the brand in a new market

Narrow vision- The companies tend to adopt myopic sight of the market and hence loose customers to a failed product . No proper channelization of information between

the subsidiaries and communication gap created results in loss of business . Thirsty Cats and Thirsty Dogs ' was launched a product to quench the thirst of pets . Although the product was launched in different flavors , improper communication strategy in between the channel and the company led to the failure of the product Ponds with me-too strategy entered the market with toothpaste which was a Colgate look alike . This further marred the market for company and led to product failure as channels and subsidiaries were not in a position to place the product in the minds of the consumers

Rigid implementation- Companies sometimes allow standard marketing programs for all the market which further reduce the chance of product success . Local preferences are not evaluated by the companies which lead to the failure of the brand . Unilever 's product Radion was launched in the market with unclear perception in the minds of the consumers . The soap acted as a complement of Pears in vibrant colors but lack of local preferences led to the failure of the product in the UK market

Poor Follow up- Products have failed in the recent past due to improper follow up for the products after launch and companies not being able to sell the product . General foods...

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