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Colonization of the Americas

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The first four European countries to establish in the Americas were Spain , Portugal , France , and England . The first European country to settle in the Americas was Spain when Christopher Columbus discovered the new world attempting to find a route to India . Spain soon sent more ships and established more colonies in the Americas . The Portuguese would come next and become a problem for the Spanish so Pope Alexander VI split the new world between the two nations . Spain would get the western half of the

new land while Portugal would get the east

Spain started colonies in the western half of South America , the western half of North America as far north as California , Florida , and some of the Caribbean islands . The reason for the Spanish colonization was money often in gold , precious metals , and agriculture . Another major factor in the Spanish colonization was to convert the heathen to Catholicism

The Portuguese were the second ones to colonize the Portuguese possessions were primarily in Brazil and some islands of the Caribbean They also colonized for the same reasons that Spain did including the conversion of the heathen

The next attempts at colonization were by the French and English though at first they did not last long . Both nations felt Spain and Portugal getting everything unfair so chose to take over parts of the new world

France took some Caribbean islands the majority of the land was in central North America from the Gulf of Mexico and taking in large parts of Canada . Money was often from timber , and fur trading . The French also brought with them Catholicism

The British also took of Caribbean possessions and were able to eventually take over the eastern half of the U .S . and parts of Canada They British had similar business ventures but had a more diverse economy with cotton and some agriculture , fishing , and light manufacturing . The British had a mix of protestant religions and was often a place of religious refuge


1 . Starkey , Armstrong (1998 . European-Native American Warfare 1675-1815 . University of Oklahoma Press


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