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Conflict can be viewed in many different ways . One of these ways is the traditional view of conflict which looks at conflict as inherently bad Conflict indicates a problem and should be immediately squelched to avoid further damage or embarrassment . The human relations view of conflict takes a slightly different approach to conflict . Holders of this view accept conflict as inevitable and resign themselves to coping with it . Finally , the interactionist 's , or modern , view of conflict holds that conflict can actually benefit an organization by

offering an opportunity for positive changes and the spawn of innovation and creativity (Smallwood , n .d

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Functional conflict in organizations views conflict as a productive force that will motivate the organization 's members to pursue additional knowledge and skills in to overcome the conflict . It stresses innovation and productivity . This approach to conflict is more modern than other views and tends to take the focus away from away from the visible attributes of structure , and cleanliness and redirects it to creativity , adaptability and responsiveness . Conflict may be welcomed in this case as a way to incite positive change and group dynamics (Thanak , 2006

Dysfunctional view of organizational conflict derives from the idea that perfectly defined structures achieve goals best . These include defined job responsibilities , chain of authority , and physical areas . This view is more traditional in that it stresses , stability and the immediate repression of any conflict because conflict implies that the organization itself is flawed in its design . Solving the conflict involves further elaboration on job s , the chain of command assigned responsibilities and the distribution of power to subdue those in conflict (Thanak , 2006

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Many criminal justice agencies find themselves embroiled in conflict some functional and some dysfunctional . One example of a dysfunctional conflict within the criminal justice system is the ongoing conflict between the media and the police . The media maintains that it has a role to oversee the police force and justice system in to keep up their type of watchdog status . They argue that the first amendment guarantees the freedom of the press and the right for the public to know information that is relevant to them and to their communities . Thus reporting on the activities of police officers and cases is of utmost importance for the members of the media (Carter and Radalet , 2001

However , the criminal justice agencies , such as the police officers or the court officials cite the sixth amendment in response . They argue equally that the right to a fair trial and the rights of the defendant justify their lack of reporting information to the press . If the information leaked into the community , the right to an unbiased jury could be negatively affected and the reputation of the defendant could be irrevocably damaged if he is found to be not-guilty of the charges In addition , if an agent of the criminal justice system were to make errors in maintaining the rights of...

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