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FEMA/Hurricane Katrina/Critical Incidents Manager

Security , the federal Emergency management Agency (FEMA ) and NHC were briefed long before the landfall on the deadly state of Katrina including the possibility of the levees in New Orleans toppling

With the help of CSX technology , the path and the landfall point of the storm was predicted and its progress monitored . For anyone who was in doubt , a phone number was made public so that inquiries could be made concerning the same . Before everything was blown out of proportion , the internet became very crucial in locating and communicating with those

who were trapped . Technology was therefore vital tool mainly in communication and updating the public on the progress , not to mention appeal for aid of all sorts of nature . Be it cash , blood , or food

The Decision Makers and how they coordinated with Various Stakeholders

The main drives of the rescue team were drawn from FEMA , NHC and Officers from the department of Defense and Homeland Security . They coordinated their activities via communication over the cell phones and the internet . But with the grave damage of vital communication links and booster stations , coordination of these groups was frustrated . The power failures were also a bigger hitch since only selected stations had back-up generators . All the local Television Stations had their operations disrupted too , and conveying a vital information to the public became an up-hill task , further complicating the situation (Chris , 2005 , pp .142-145

Quality of the Decisions Made by the Government and the Private Sector

FEMA deployed some of their technical staff to the mortuaries with refrigerated trucks to help with the body preservation . The coordination of volunteers , the Coast Guard and the Army Services drawing troops from all the states was outstanding . Further helps by the government to offer evacuees federal help made the situation a little bit...

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