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Paper Topic:

Exploratory Research Exercise

Exploratory Research


This research aims to gather information through a depth interview on the perceptions of the interviewees about General Practitioners (GP ) in the medical field

Specifically , it soughts to answer the following questions

Is there a family doctor of the respondents

What are their criteria in choosing the doctor or GP

What are the situations encountered by the family that lead them to refer to a GP

How often does the family go to their GP

What is their perception regarding their GP

What are the

things , attitudes and practices that the interviewees love about their GPs ? Are there some things they don 't like

Respondents Pro

The interviewees came from different Suburb locations and all of them are females aged 18 , 19 , 22 , and 30 respectively wherein two (2 ) of them are students , one (1 ) is a personal trainer , and the other one (1 ) is an accountant . Only one among the three respondents is single . Further , two of them have high school certificate one is an undergraduate degree holder and one is a post graduate degree holder . The table below summarizes the pro of the respondents

Respondents Gender Age Highest Educational Attainment Occupation Status Suburb Location

1 female 18 High School Certificate Student Partnered Ormiston

2 female 19 High School Certificate Student Single Holland Park

3 female 22 Undergraduate degree Personal trainer Partnered Kelvin Grove

4 female 30 Postgraduate degree Accountant Partnered Hemmant


The interview was done on a one-on-one basis . Based from a uniform type...

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