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Explication Of Theme for English B by Langston Hughes

p Theme for English B by Langston Hughes

Theme for English B by Langston Hughes

Theme for English B by Langston Hughes dramatizes the conflict between physical exterior and psychological reality . It embodies the psychological trauma of African Americans during the first half of 19th century and their struggle for egalitarianism . The poet has skillfully dramatized the inner thought of colored ' person and has manifested that although he is different physically but he possesses the same human characteristics that his other classmates and his instructor enjoy

The setting is that post

has been asked to write a page on the true internal feelings in English B class . In the first five lines , Langston discloses the situation and rest of the poem is his response to that situation i .e . to write a subjective note on what they really feel . Line 4 And let that page come out of you--- is emphatic and has a poetic flow that something is coming out . Again this line is an epitome of the poem 's thematic expression as the all other lines are Hughes ' response to this line . The next few line are descriptive as it illustrates Hughes 's mundane activities and his way back home to write the response The use of figurative language especially the expressive words to refere to a whole situation . In these lines , He uses simple imagery to convey his mundane activities but line 6 has a mesmerizing effect as he says I wonder if it 's that simple (Line 6 ) The word that ' has increased the colloquial power of the sentence . At the end first 15 lines , Hughes has used colon to manifest that the next part is has answer to the instructor question He uses the action verbs like eat , sleep , drink , eat , and sleep emphasize his theme that his characteristics are like his other classmates . He further uses the proper nouns like Bessie , bop , or Bach (822 ) to find similarities between himself and his white classmates . These are not simple music forms but it has symbolic connotations too as Bessie and bop is mostly listened and liked by African American community of America whereas Bach is mostly enjoyed by white people . But Hughes listens both . So he finds himself an incarnation of American assimilation . In the later lines he says You are white--- /yet a part of me , as I am a part of you /That 's American

He juxtaposes his own world with that of his class-fellows and instructor but also tries to similarize their beings with his own . He reinforces the idea of discrimination in the line 27 when he says So will my page be colored that I write ' He uses the synaesthetic imagery i .e . the attribution of the feature of one sense to another when he says Harlem , I hear you ' and again I hear New York too The tone of the poem is assertive as Hughes wants understanding and does not beg for sympathy . The concluding stanza depicts a wish on the...

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