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Explanatory Synthesis Essays

Explanatory Synthesis Essays Practice Introduction

Oil prices control everything from the cost of transport to food we eat . Everything seems to be interrelated . The USA consumes more fuel than any other country in the world . For example , to produce the same amount of GDP , the USA requires three times as much energy as Japan needs . Transportation is one of the major forms of fuel consumption all over the world , and in the US , this form of consumption is at an all time high . With gasoline and other petrochemical prices going through

the roof and gas-guzzling ' vehicles like SUV 's , pickup trucks and muscle cars ' running the road , the country is bound to fall victim to the exhaustion of these fossil fuels (Newss , 2008

With an array of possible alternate energy sources before us , we need to develop one that will solve all our energy needs . Something that is cheaper and more abundant . Something for which the USA will not have to rely on the Middle East . An energy source that would bring the USA and the rest of the world out of this fossil fuel Dark Age . The answer to all this is the hydrogen fuel cell . The hydrogen fuel cell can , one day solve all of mankind 's energy problems and promise a clean and healthy future at the same time

Work Cited

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Sample Essay Revision

The Hydrogen Fuel Cell : Drive into the future

From the time since when we were children , we have been studying about global warming , greenhouse gases and how the fossil fuels are going be exhausted . How cars emit the most greenhouse gases and consume oil and gasoline . It makes us want to make a difference somehow . We see suggestions like take the bus , walk , ride a bicycle or carpool . But something a little more concrete needs to be done . Something that will revolutionize the way we consume energy . A way through which we won 't have to rely on Saudi Arabia for oil , we won 't have to give up our fast cars and turn to slow and expensive hybrids and not stand in line at fuel station for hours only to pay a week 's salary for a full tank . The solution comes from the hydrogen fuel cell . If developed properly , it can become the fuel that drives us into a promising future

Automakers have been developing alternatives to the internal combustion engine , designing and building hybrids . Companies such as G .M and Toyota have come up with designs and prototypes but nothing concrete could be achieved . Will gasoline prices skyrocketing and the amount of emissions the internal combustion engine would soon become impractical . Most people will have to park their...

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