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Explain why social stratification is a creation of society, not just a reflection of individual differences. How do caste and class systems differ? How are they the same? Why does industrialization introduce a measure of meritocracy into social stratific


Social Stratification and Creation of Society



Social Stratification and Creation of Society

Social stratification refers to the grouping of people in the society based from different status such race , economic status , political involvement , religion and social differentiation . Middle class , ethnic groups , and the caste system are some of the common social stratification ADDIN EN .CITE 2Social Class and Stratification2007June 101997http /www .hewett .norfolk .sch .uk /curric /soc /class /class .htmSociology at Hewitt "Social Class and Stratification " 1997 . However , not

all societies have social stratification . Nevertheless , social stratification has become a huge influence in societies ' social life , politics , and economy

Rossides discussed the impact of social stratification towards social development on his term Social Stratification , saying that social stratification began as early as the hunter-gatherer type of living . He further added that as periods of life change , societies became unstable and social divisions occurred as a mean to stabilize society ADDIN EN .CITE 2Social Stratification2007June 102006Aca Demon Term s and Essayshttp /www .academon .com /lib /e ssay /social-stratification .html "Social Stratification " 2006

Different social status has occurred in different societies , but the caste system in India has become the most popular which has lasted for thousand of years . Caste system is a social class divided to four castes according to occupation where the Brahmins -- priests , scholars and philosophers are the highest . It is followed by the Kshatriyas - warriors and rulers Vaishyas - traders , merchants and agriculturists Shudras - laborers and the Untouchablles - people who are involved in petty jobs ADDIN EN .CITE 2Hindu Caste System2007June 102002http /ask .yahoo .com .htmlJuly 22 , 2002 "Hindu Caste System " 2002 . Unlike the caste system which is inherited by birth and unchangeable , social classes in the United States may change and is determined by occupation , education , income and wealth . That change is called social mobility ADDIN EN .CITE Tse7Archie Tse Ben WerschkulHow Class WorksThe New York TimesThe New York Times2005http /www .nytimes .com /packages /html /national /_C LASS_GRAPHIC /index_01 .html (Tse Werschkul , 2005

Moreover , social mobility is dictated by meritocracy - entitles advantaged to the individual based from abilities and not from family connections . Equality in opportunities such as jobs has become a paradox where everyone benefits from the abilities of its people ADDIN EN .CITE 7 Faltering meritocracy in AmericaThe EconomistThe Economist2004http /www .economist .com /world /na /displayStory .cfm ?s tory_id 3518560June 10 2007 " Faltering meritocracy in America " 2004 References

ADDIN EN .REFLIST Faltering meritocracy in America (2004 . The Economist

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Tse , A Werschkul , B (2005 . How Class Works . The New York Times...

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