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Explain the process of sensory adaptation and its useful benefit.


Sensory adaptation process

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The process of sensory adaptation is an intriguing concept in the human body . Sensory adaptation can be described as a way of filtering out stimuli that is constant (Fischer , Murray Bundy . 1991 . Sensory adaptation can be argued to the way in which the body adapts to new experiences and processes like smell and touch due to constant repetition of this processes / stimmulus . For instance in the first stage of

the nervous system processing actions the nervous system is more alert to any changing stimuli as opposed to previous constant stimuli Generally it can be argued that when stimulus is repeated the response to the stimulus seems to decrease . For instance when one is plaiting their hair , the scalp will feel the tension when the plaiting is being done but after a day or two one will not be aware of the plaited lines on his /her head . The scalp adapts to the tension on the plaited hair as attention is decreased from the plaited hair

The process of sensory adaptation can be used in drawing attention from unpleasant sounds , smells , emotional stressors , bad taste of medication to mention a few . Sensory adaptation process can also be used in administering painful treatments for instance chemotherapy to cancer patients to make the treatment experience less painful

Reference list

Fischer A .G , Murray E .A Bundy A .C . 1991 . Sensory Integration : Theory and Practice . Philadelphia : F .A . Davis Co


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