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Explain the impact of the French and Indian War on Native tribes, the American colonists, and the colonists relationship with Great Britain.

Impact of the French and Indian War

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27 July 2009

Impact of the French and Indian War

The Native tribes are one of those directly affected by the French and Indian War . Many native populations suffered a great loss when the French power in North America was eliminated . The French proved to be a strong ally of these native tribes and were essential in countering the continued British expansion . The elimination of the French power resulted to the dispossession

of many native tribes , forcing them to move out of their lands . When the Spanish-controlled Florida was taken-over by the British , native tribes who did not want to involve themselves with the British , migrated westward . This has resulted to heated confrontations between several tribes who were already established in the area ADDIN EN .CITE Ohio History Central200511 112Ohio History Central ,French and Indian War2009July 272005http /www .ohiohistorycentral .org /entry .php ?rec 498 (Ohio History Central , 2005 . The British exploited the boundaries between opposing tribes , making the natives fight among themselves

The French and Indian war also affected the American colonists . As Britain continued to expand their control over the colonies of other European powers , they continued to resettle many of its people throughout their North American provinces . As Britain continued to focus on its war for territory , it began neglecting its duties for its people and its colonies . The French and Indian war resulted to the doubling of Britain 's national...

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