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Paper Topic:

Explain how the way we dress affects how people perceive us.

The Way We Dress


How People Perceive Us Introduction

The way we dress has always had an effect on the impression that we make on people . More than four hundred years ago Shakespeare said , Apparel maketh half the man ' There are references to the importance of dress even in the bible . This goes to show how the way we dress has always been perceived as impacting our image in the world . The world today is frequently described as a global village . Technical advancement , higher standard of living and a shrinking

world have augmented the importance of the clothes that one wears in projecting one 's image

Importance of dress in projecting our image

According to Tia Warren , an image and color consultant , we make about eleven assessments in the first seven seconds of meeting someone for the first time , and seventy percent of communication at this stage is non-verbal (Kelley . Based on a study conducted by them , Easterling Leslie Jones observe that the dress worn by an employee "could be a salient attribute of the buyer when involved in the purchase process of a professional service

The first impression that a person forms of another is based on what he or she looks like . Suppose a person walks into a room full of senior executives waiting to interview her . Before she opens her mouth and says a word , an impression is formed in the minds of the prospective interviewers , based on the way she looks and carries herself . Since first impression is the best impression , the way one looks has a major impact on the impression one creates In turn , the way one looks is greatly influenced by the dress that one wears . That is why the dress that we wear is very important in creating that first impression about us . The same amount of time you devote to enhancing your public speaking skills and upgrading your technical know-how should also be spent bolstering your looks " HYPERLINK "http /www .questia .com /PM .qst ?a o d (Hayes

Dress shows status

In seventeenth century Europe certain colors were worn exclusively by the nobility , and others were prohibited from wearing them . One of the demands that arose from the peasant uprising in Germany was that they should be allowed to wear red colored dress that was until then allowed only for use by upper classes (Biecher , Keaton Pollman

There are examples of this in the modern world also . Many companies had and even now have , uniforms for employees at various levels showing their status within the organization . The terms blue collar and white-collar workers have their origins in the color of the dress worn by these categories of employees . This is true not only in situations that force a dress code on us , but also in all instances where we choose the dress that we wear . For example , suits say that the wearer is successful , powerful and consistent (Kelley

Dress conveys a message about the role that we play

One of...

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