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Explain in detail the motivating value of pay equity and pay expectancy for employees.

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Explain in detail the motivating value of pay equity and pay expectancy for employees . For most employees , pay has a direct influence on their lifestyle choices and also on their status on and off the job . Pay represents a sense of reward for people in exchange for the work they put forth . It is essential , according to the equity theory , that the pay be equal to the terms of those responsibilities . Distributive fairness is a theory that explains how people respond to situations

in which they feel have received less (or more ) than they deserve

Employees form ideas of this increase in their head according to what they have put forth - abilities , skills , experiences as a result of their outcomes ---- salary , benefits , pensions bonuses . If their said ratio equals that of someone they feel as done just as much , then they are satisfied and the issue of fairness stays in place . However , if they feel the situation is unfair , this creates a hostile work environment that will need to address in the near future

The expectancy theory of motivation draws a conclusion that one 's level of motivation depends on the rewards they seek in doing so . This theory was developed by psychologists who see human 's mode of thinking as a direct effect on the influence of pay expectancy . To motivate their effort , monetary rewards should be effective to most . Higher motivation leads to greater performance which leads to better success for one 's success , which ultimately should lead to one 's greater monetary reward...

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