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Explain Non-Rational models X, Y, and Z

Conflict Resolution in Law

Non Rational X , Y and Z models in their role in human relations




Law 1

Non- rational X , Y and Z models and their role in human relations

The X , Y and Z model describes conflict in terms of three parameters behavior (X , consequence of the behavior (Y ) and a response (Z . This model aims at improving cooperation so as enable the effective management of conflicts (Deutsch , Coleman Marcus , 2006 . Conflict has been defined variously by different authorities who inadvertently have

contextualized it in their disciplines , but across the board it is unanimously agreed that for conflict to occur there has to be an incompatibility in interests of two or several contending parties (Deustch et .al , 2006 . Conflict , therefore comes in concert with human interactions be it social or business and at all levels from personal to organizational contexts (Deustch et .al , 2006

Conflict offers an opportunity of identifying problems in communication , thus conflict is not always destructive . When manged well , conflict yields benefits to the parties involved . This makes conflict resolution an integral part of human relations (Deustch et .al 2006 . Five conflict management styles have been described based on allegories borrowed from emotionally charged business-like situations (Deustch et .al , 2006 . They are the forcing , avoiding , accommodating compromising which involves concessions on both sides and collaborating conflict style which assertively seeks to involve the dissenting parties in solving the problem by finding a mutually agreeable solution (Deustch et .al , 2006

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