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My Experience in Music Class

Running head : THE WORLD OF MUSIC

The World of Music





The World of Music

It has always intrigued me that music possesses the power to influence our mood . More significant than the superficial rhythmic beatings of the drums or cymbals , the hypnotic influence of stringed instruments such as guitars , and the alluring and often sensual ambiance of wind instruments such as saxophones , it is in the seeming reality that like us , music possesses a spirit that has the capability of bridging

the demarcated worlds between reality and reverie . In this respect , I believe that music can cause a positive effect to any individual who aspires to be influenced by its power , as evidenced by my experiences in the music class that has benefited me with a deeper understanding on the true essence of music

Music 's mass appeal can undoubtedly be seen in the enormous influence that it has been able to exert in the society . Perhaps it is because of the flawless incorporation of several musical instruments , each with its own distinct sound and purpose , that when played appropriately produces an end result that is of absolute uniqueness and beauty . Hence , it has become such a vital part of our existence that it has become peculiar for a particular type of music not to be played in our homes in corporate environs , in public places such as restaurants , and even in our cars

Primarily because of my inherent love for music...

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