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`My Experience with Curriculum`


My experience with curriculum




Course :Abstract Curriculum refers to the main component of a discipline of study . In other words ,this refers to the subjects that make up the discipline in question , the goings-on in the classroom in regard to the said subjects the kind of learning activities that are involved , and the methods of instruction used by instructors in dispatching knowledge . My experience with curriculum is based on changes I would propose and love to see considered and implemented . My view

comes to thought in cognisant of what the curriculum lacks as a whole and of how much use it would become upon implementation of my views which emanate from my experience with curriculum . In my view , a good Curriculum should be for the betterment of all .My experience with currriculum

As mentioned earlier , curriculum refers to the components of a discipline of study . It could also be reffered to as a syllabus since a syllabus encompasses the core subjects to be learnt and other day to day activities in the academic calendar year . A curriculum could also mean a defined and prescribed course of studies which students must fulfill in to pass a certain level of education (Tricia ellis ,2003-2008 . In my opinion , a healthy curriculum should assist learners transit from a state of not-knowing to a state of knowing

What I envy most about a well planned curriculum is that it caters for all the learners needs and at the same time equipping the learner with skills he will require in the future or in other sectors like the employment sector . My experience with the curriculum is basically one I can say much about .It is one to be envied as I can boast of well achieved skills and a good chance to getting employment now or in the future . The activities involved in the curriculum I have gone through have instilled in me a sense of discipline and respect to all thanks to subjects like ethics which are being taught in schools .Apart from that i have discovered a feeling of independence in me and an ability to do anything that is thought to be off the marked boundary . I feel I can rely on my education to be self-reliant , even self-employ myself thanks to the business oriented skills imparted in me by my tutors

Many countries are now engaging in revising their curriculums . No curriculum is perfect and all inclusive but still most curriculums go untouched despite the fact that they do not meet the needs of learners A good curriculum however , is not all perfect as i 've said as it still fails to meet some needs the learner is need of for growth and enrichment . On the other side of the coin ,my experience with the curriculum has been un-nutritious . Just to mention but a few experiences ,gone are the days when play days were history Today ,children have play days ,and the curriculum has...

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