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Examine an Interactionist Approach to Health

Interactionist approach to Health


A nurse has many ways of handling a patient . She could be aloof , or snobbish , or friendly or motherly or the bossy type . The nurse is the communication line between the doctor and the patient . The following below concentrates on the benefits of the interactionist approach to health care


The interactionist approach encompasses what transpires in a doctor-nurse-patient interactions scenario . The interaction occurs between the patient and the nurse when the nurse uses positive techniques for communicating with patients . The nurse tactfully uses

br different ways to encouraging the patient to open up to conversation with her or the doctor . The interactionist nurse helps patients explore their thoughts and feelings and ensure mutual understanding between nurse and patient . The Interactionist techniques also include broad opening statements , general leads , reflecting , sharing observations acknowledging feelings , selective reflecting , silence , giving information , clarifying , verbalising implied thoughts and feelings , and validating

In the interactionist approach , the nurse includes such factors as race , gender and other issues the may delicately b on discrimination . This constitutive language and discourse must be studied by the nurse in to have a harmonious and health Invigorating nurse - doctor - and patient relationship . Also , In the nurse - patient - doctor interactionist scenario , the interference interactions that define and illustrate some common blocks to therapeutic communication that nurses may unwittingly use as they talk with patients . Some of these nurses are using reassuring

skills , giving advice , giving approval , requesting an explanation agreeing , expressing

disapproval , defending , belittling feelings , making stereotyped comments , and changing the subject in an interacton

According to Cleary Edwards Meehan in the journal entitled Factors influencing nurse-patient interaction in the acute psychiatric setting an exploratory investigation , he stated that in New South Wales Australia the Nurse-patient interactions in some acute psychiatric in-patient facilities have been the subject of much discussion in the literature and remains a contentious issue . Nurses need to interact with patients in the acute care setting . Interactionism requires definition within the current dynamic environment of mental health service provision . In some nursing environment , such as hospitals and home for the aged , ten nurses on the study ward were given opportunity through semi-structured interviews , to outline and describe the factors perceived to influence nurse-patient interaction

The nurse-patient interaction is central to providing nursing care . This qualitative study explores nurses ' and culturally diverse patients ' experiences within nurse-patient relationships in acute care wards . Eight nurses and their respective patients volunteered to join the study and were interviewed . It is concluded from the study that relationships between nurses and culturally diverse patients in acute care wards during short episodes of hospitalization are not easy for nurses and need to receive deeper consideration as to how they can be developed more effectively . It is recommended that educational support be provided to develop more effective interactions between nurses and patients with research being carried out to investigate factors that can strengthen culturally diverse patient-nurse interactions in acute care settings

Holyoake , in her interactionist study of mentally ill...

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