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Events leading to US Involvement in World War I

br US involvement in World War I 1

A brief analysis of events leading to

US involvement in World War I

US involvement in World War I 2

The most devastating war of unprecedented proportions , at that time , was the First World War from 1914 to 1918 The war started with the assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand on June 28 , 1914 , by a Serbian Gavrilo Princip . It is unfortunate that the war happened , although the circumstances leading to the development of the war could have been prevented at any point of

its development . The war focusing on the Western front of Europe saw many countries participating in the fight . The Central Powers including Germany Bulgaria , Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire were the original combatants against the Allied Powers , which included France , Britain and Russia . The United States tried to keep away from getting involved in the war , which however had to change , given the development of the events President Wilson , in an attempt to gather facts concerning Europe on war , sent his personal friend and advisor , Colonel Edward M . House to Europe in May 1914 . Wilson learned of the escalating tensions between the crucial European powers . There were serious disagreements in several issues in Europe particularly with boundaries and territories . The Archduke 's assassination only seemed to hasten the process . It was then that President Wilson declared America 's neutrality . President Wilson 's declaration of neutrality was delivered before the US Senate on August 19 , 1914 . The President emphasized that all people who truly love America , would be in favor of neutrality . The opinion of the people would be reflected from their street talk and public meetings , and from the views of the media . The report says The people of the United States are drawn from many nations , and chiefly from the nations now at war . It is natural and inevitable US involvement in World War I 3

that there should be the utmost variety of sympathy and desire among them with regard to the issues and circumstances of the conflict President 's Wilson 's unyielding stand on neutrality is seen from his views , I venture , therefore , my fellow countrymen , to speak a solemn word of warning to you against that deepest , most subtle , most essential breach of neutrality which may spring out of partisanship , out of passionately taking sides . The United States must be neutral in fact , as well as in name , during these days that are to try men 's souls . We must be impartial in thought , as well as action , must put a curb upon our sentiments , as well as upon every transaction that might be construed as a preference of one party to the struggle before another (PBS , 2001

Offering to mediate between both sides , Wilson protested both , the British and German acts . In 1916 , Wilson was reelected the President , on the campaign He kept us out of war However , a reconsideration of his neutrality stand was forced upon Wilson in 1917 , when the issue relating to...

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